Saturday, 11 January 2014

Back to Work Blues and New Years Resolutions

I've now been back at work for 1 week and Christmas and New Year seem to have past by in a blur. Although every year is always the same, we spend so much time planning and looking forward to it and then it's all over and were faced with the harsh reality of another year of worry, work and daily stresses. I am aiming this year to not do so many extra hours and to focus more on my competitions and blogs. Hopefully one day I can work from home and be my own boss.

For 2014 I have made some resolutions that I really hope I stick to. The main one and the hardest  is to give up smoking. I have smoked since I was 15 years old so just over half my life and it's always been something I've enjoyed. I know it sounds silly and pathetic to say this but I really do like to smoke. My problem now is that I can feel it taking it's toll, especially on my breathing, and I've had a few scares recently were I have found it difficult to breathe. So I have decided that although I don't really want to quit, I must for my own sake and health. After all I don't want COPD or Emphysema and don't think I could cope knowing that I am continually making myself worse.

I have started by signing up to NHS Quitline and hope they will provide me with free NRT. I am awaiting a phone call to sort this out, but in the meantime I have managed to go from 15 a day to 5!! I purchased a Skycig (electronic) cigarette that comes with 5 different flavored cartridges and is really helping me cut down.

One of my habits is that I always have a cigarette when I do something like walking to the bus stop, talking on the phone and especially having an alcoholic drink. I have found it useful to use the Skycig in the situations as I still feel like I'm smoking. It is very realistic and even lights up and has smoke which is odourless and tar free. 

The other thing I would like to do is to get healthier. When I was younger I used to cycle everywhere and I was a whizz on roller blades. These are the 2 things I would like to get back into and I would like to join the gym with my partner so we can work out together as he does need to loose a little bit of weight.

I've started eating fruit again and trying to add more veg to meals. I work late so it's been too easy to come home and get a take-away or a microwave meal. Hopefully once I quit smoking my sense of smell and taste will improve so I will enjoy my meals more.

I must remember.........

I know it will be hard but I will try to focus on what I will feel like when i'm finally smoke free and what I can spend all my extra cash on :)

Once again a very Happy New Year to you all and I look forward to hearing about your wins and new years resolutions x