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My dad is a Children's Book Author and over the last few years has been busy writing lots of entertaining stories for young children. He has been lucky enough to have found an agent and has had some books published. Writing has always been his passion and he is also a great illustrator, designing all his own covers and drawing pictures to bring the characters to life.

Published under "Speaking Volumes" his books are going from strength to strength and I cannot stress how proud I am of him and his amazing talent. I've inherited a lot of things from him but writing is not one of them (unfortunately). 

As a young child my dad would often make up stories to tell my brother and myself at bedtime and we would laugh at the tales of Alfie Flee and a lady called Mrs Goodmanners who would come and check on us when we'd been naughty. 

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New Book

Timothy Other - The Boy Who Climbed Marzipan Mountain

This is a Young Adult book, but also suitable for adults

Timothy Other's origins are a mystery. He has lived all his life at the orphanage where he was abandoned as an anonymous infant. Nonetheless, he's had a good life. The Dreams and Hopes orphanage, run by the magnanimous Mr Penny, is a happy place, filled with love. But Timothy's world crumbles when Mr Penny dies. The orphanage is repossessed by the bank, and comes under the draconian rule of the horrid Mr Sterner (with his 'custard-crease smile') and the scaly-skinned Ms 'Fishy' Finn.

Timothy escapes from the orphanage hidden in a basket aboard a removals lorry, which is then put aboard a cargo plane. The plane crashes, hurtling Timothy into a strange land and a bizarre, surreal adventure.  Buy it here on Amazon. 

A Toadstool Tale
A wizard casts a spell over a lazy mouse to help a friend in need.

This short children's story is published within a collection of works from other authors, titled 'Glodwyn's Treasure Chest'.

The wizard can also be found, doing a marvellous job, in 'The Evergreen Wolf' where all the pixies had been told that wolves would eat them in a snap-bite second if it wasn’t for the protective spell that had been cast over the wood.

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Gruvel The Great

"Gruvel the Great" was his first published children's book, which tells the story of acceptance.

It seemed like a normal spring morning in the Gregory house, but, what Mrs Gregory found on the front doorstep was definitely not milk. It was an enormous baby-sized creature names Gruvel, with one GIGANTIC eye and two horns - and, he knows only one word - GREAT!

But how did Gruvel come to be on the Gregory's front doorstep in the first place? Where has he come from? What will the neighbours think? And what on earth are they going to do with him? As the family try to answer these questions, Gruvel teaches them a wonderful lesson.... And makes a lot of mess in the process!

Other Books waiting to be published

Ish-ish Ishbochernay

Ish-ish Ishbochernay ... Is she a witch?
Lucretia Crumb has no doubts about that question whatsoever. It goes to say that this little girl of unusual nature knows a thing or two.
A sweet old lady, known as Ish-ish Ishbochernay, lives in an ordinary house and is quite alone apart from her white cat. She does have an uncommon habit of painting the reachable apples on her apple tree with sticky-bat glue. The glue is made from bats she catches while riding the night sky on her broom. The leftover feet are used to comb her hair.

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Keypya and the Pirates

Sleepin' be one thing an' dreamin' be another, but when dreamin' walks into ye wakin', then that be somethin' altogether different ...
The Grumblelows are Mr and Mrs Grumblelow, their daughter Eleanor and their mischievous son Keypya. They live very close to the sea just above a sheltered cove. Whatever Keypya's real name is, it is never used.

It was one night when Keypya was wide awake and playing with his pet mice and his collection of slippery, slimy things that his sister Eleanor, in the bedroom next door, was dreaming about rubies, pearls and gold.​

Smelly Nelly Welly
A Jinny-Yen is a Wish Granter, and now that we know this, our thoughts become like every other boy and girl, greedy. There are, however, a few girls and boys who aren't greedy, and a little girl called Nelida Wellington is one of them.
Jinny-Yen like to hide in places that aren't often visited. Places where it is not too warm and not too cold, yet dark and cosy. Somewhere like under your stairs. Under Nelida Wellington's stairs lives a Jinny-Yen. The house that Nelida Wellington lives in used to belong to her grandma. By the way, only children can see Jinny-Yen.

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Kingsley and the Spider
Children, as well as adults, can be cruel. So, when a rolled up comic is about to crash down upon a poor, defenceless, tiny spider, a flash of light makes the spider vanish into a world that only a few can see.
The spider is in the safe hands of the Spider Fairy. Miranda, the most beautiful fairy, that is the colour of night and radiates a glow like morning dew, carries the tiny spider to the safety of her elephant friend, Kingsley.

Marge and the Wobbly Onkey
Marge and the Wobbly Onkey
A donkey, a verse and a bottle of clear liquid all combine to make 'the secret'. Its mystery is something that Marge's Aunt Jenny has been longing to solve since she was first gifted it by a strange, old woman.
For years, the secret never revealed itself, so Jenny hid it away. When her beloved donkey Grace dies bringing a 'wobbly onkey' into the world, the secret slowly begins to unravel, but only with the help of Marge and Rose.
The past and the future become the present for the chosen holders of the secret.
Would you use the secret if given the chance?
But remember - you can't alter what is meant to happen!

Mr Runkin's Secret
These are the dilemmas Arthur Runkin faced:
If you received a parcel in the post that didn't have your name on, would you keep It?
What if you handed it in, what would happen to the contents?
Then what if you realised something about yourself that you thought no-one else could do, would you still keep it?

Well Mr Runkin did open it and he did keep it. It was not for his own welfare, as Arthur was not like that - he wasn't a selfish man. It was for others he was thinking about, the help it would bring to the children he could never have. There was something in the actions of his find which brought a new responsibility and a huge secret.

Patrick Duck
This story starts with a verse, or more precisely the first line of a verse. As chapter one unfolds, it incorperates the next line to the verse, which in turn appears as the second line of the verse in chapter two. This is repeated in every chapter until the complete verse is revealed. The whole story can be read as either chapter or verse.
Mr and Mrs Butterworth live at Holly cottage. The cottage is next to Butterworth farm.
A baby girl is born at the cottage. Mrs Butterworth names her daughter 'Leanne' for no other reason than she liked it. At Butterworth farm another new arrival comes into the world - a little duckling.
Mrs Butterworth calls the duckling 'Patrick' after her grandfather. 

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The Evergreen Wolf
Can wolves change colour, and do pixies exist? According to Mr Hedges they do. And I have no reason to doubt him. Have you?
Moonbeam and Lilybell are pixies; they are a daffodil high and love adventure. They live in the wood that borders the land of Mr Hedges. They play in a wild garden that is just outside the wood, but is part of Mr Hedge's land. In this garden they find a lost knitted dog. The wizard of the wood brings the toy to life. He really shouldn't have, but wizards can sometimes do silly things.

Adult Books

12:07 THE SLEEPING is a novel – it is also a story. Whether it is true or fictional has no bearing whatsoever. But what is true, is that things like THE SLEEPING are all too real, albeit to some people only. Some of you sceptical out there can pull from the story what you like. But whatever you draw or conclude, the fact remains, it is only a story – or is it?

The sensation in which some people, when either falling asleep or waking, briefly experience an inability to move, is commonly known as Sleep Paralysis. It’s described as a state of transition between wakefulness and rest, which has the effect of complete loss of muscle strength. It can happen at the onset of sleep or upon awakening, and it often has disturbing visions. For example: The feeling that someone has entered the room and is now sat upon you, to which you are unable to react due to paralysis.

Now if that sounds like a nightmare, then I suppose it is. But that’s only in the fact that it is a wakeful nightmare. I use the word ‘wakeful’ because to the recipient of such a nightmare, they feel they are awake.

Sleep paralysis – known also as hag’s syndrome – is real. It is now being described, by some, as a paranormal experience. To those who have this supernatural involvement: “Keep on fighting whoever it is that comes, because fighting may just keep you alive.”

This story plays on 6 characters, they are: The Unwanted, The Protector, The Custodian, The Messenger/The Key, and 2 Pretty Things.

The Sleeping are numerous and the numerous cannot be characterised individually. They are guardians of the underworld; they feed from the souls that are put there, and, in our world, from the souls that belong there. 

The crux of the book is about The Unwanted and The Sleeping. Everything else is purely unconnected suggestion, or is it? Fate plays upon them all. In its simplicity: James is having nightmarish visits. Lance is struggling to understand who James is. Both love Katherine and lust over Imogen. A living-dead, 154 year-old-man, is on a mission for souls and a Nun is simply everybody’s heaven-and-earth answer. 

The Unwanted – A person not created from want. Lance Lewisham is a gender psychologist who struggles to understand James Walker. The main reason for this is due to the death of his daughter. Another is because of James' continuous visits from The Sleeping. 

The Protector – The shield made from love. Katherine is a lawyer and wife to Lance. Unfortunately they have no children. Her work sedates her pain. She is jealous of her husband’s desire for his secretary, Imogen Swan.

The Custodian – The keeper of sins inside the ‘The Room of Truth’. Sister Miriam is a nun and the original Protector for James. She is also the Great-granddaughter of The Messenger. She studies in secret, far beneath the Sisters of Hope Convent and the church of St. Thomas. A passage from both lead to ‘The Room of Truth’ were sacrificial mass was offered to Satan, in which Pretty Things gave their souls, freely, to Him. 

The Messenger/The Key – Is someone who is at the bidding of The Sleeping. A soul for a soul. Once The Sleeping have their chosen soul, The Messenger will receive his in return.

The Pretty Things – Beauties of either gender. Stephanie Duke is a fashion designer and lover of women. Sylvie Verlaine is a model and new lover to Stephanie Duke. Stephanie is truly in love with her flat mate, Imogen Swan.

12:07 The Sleeping

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