Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Crazy for Roboform

Being a serious comper takes time and effort and the key to success is entering as many as possible. Having a gadget that can enter all your details for you and even submit your form is a godsend and it's only been recently that I have discovered the power of RoboForm.

Having previously used Google Chrome to enter my details, I was disappointed that it didn't always fill in forms correctly, and it took me more time and effort to change and edit these than it would have entering normally.

After listening to what fellow compers have said I decided to give the free trial a whirl. After all I had nothing to loose. I was pleasantly surprised that it was so quick and easy to download. The Toolbar facility lets me choose if I want to simply fill forms or submit and also manages all my logins and passwords so I don't have to keep logging into sites.

I would recommend everyone gives the free trial a go just to see how quick you can enter all the great competitions out there. If your a mum or full time worker with little time then this is just the thing.

Download your free trial here

For a 1 year subscription it only costs £7.95 so well worth the expense when you think of the things you could win in return.

Purchase here

Good Luck x