Sunday, 6 April 2014

Spring is here :)

Hi all my fans. It's been quite a while since I last posted, but I haven't had any wins as of yet this month to share with you all. I get down when I don't win and have been entering like mad over the last few weeks so I'm hoping I'll get a win very soon.

I have been very fortunate over the last couple of years to win some amazing prizes, but I do get slightly annoyed when I see the same people winning all the time. But hey, everyone has a chance and it's all down to luck.

I've also been really busy over the last few months helping administer a FB competition page and website. The links can be found on my page and both sites have UK competitions that are Free to Enter. Some good news is that we will be featured very soon on another Blog site so hopefully will get some more traffic coming our way. Competitions 4 Free  Free Competitions

On another note,  don't forget to check to see if your a winner using Google Social Search.
It's simple to use and you can use it to search specific terms like "winner janet jackson" "congratulations annie lennox" etc. You can search FB, Twitter, Google and more to see if you've won and search by date or relevence. I found a win last month using this that I hadn't been emailed about.

Til next time, good luck!!

Leanne x