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Nothing is guaranteed in the comping world but I do generally find the more I enter the more I win. Having a Facebook and Twitter account help for accessing those quick competitions and the more adventurous of us can enter skill based competitions where more effort is required. I personally haven't got round to doing these yet. Yes, the prizes are bigger and better but having the time to make a movie or create a Pinterest Board is something I don't have the time for whilst working full-time and entering regular competitions. 

For those of you who haven't got into comping yet here are a few tips on how to get started....

Comping is free on most sites and take little effort to sign up. I use the following:

Facebook competitions are usually the easiest to enter with Like and Share competitions. This usually involves liking the actual FB page, liking the post, and commenting. Sharing is not essential unless stated, but under FB rules companies should not demand you do this. You will find many compers tell the host this is against the rules. You may be asked to tag yourself to the picture or tag a friend to share the competition with. I personally have won most my prizes from doing this, just make sure you check t&c. 

Rafflecopter and Sweepstakes. .

These are normally found on blog sites and I run my own regularly. This requires you to log in either with your name and email or through FB and then you can enter how you please using the methods stated. 

There is always a mandatory one (normally posting on blog) but you can enter by liking the FB page, Twitter page, Tweeting about the comp, signing up to newsletters and following the Blog etc. Each method you complete will get you points ranging from 1+ into the competition. Don't worry if it has lots of entries as sometimes you can get 10 entries per method so 1 person can easily get 100 entries into the competition. You don't have to do them all and remember it only takes 1 entry to win!!

Twitninja takes the hassle out of finding Twitter competitions and re-tweets on your behalf. Simply log in via the button to sign in with your Twitter address and then click on the one's you want. It even knows if you've already tweeted one via an entry elsewhere. They also have a function called a Ninja Boost which will RT your entry as a Manual RT rather than a regular one and makes it more visible to host. This must be done in moderation so save it for the ones you really want to win! You can earn Ninja Points for entering and logging in daily and the Top Ninja's can win prizes too.

Competitions via websites will require you to enter details such as your name and address, email, dob etc. I find it helpful to register as a user which a lot of sites require and then you can log in and enter all the comps in one go. It also saves you time typing in your details over and over.

To save a massive amount of time and quickly enter your details. Download  RoboForm Trial for free. 

RoboForm password manager automatically saves and fills online account login forms and clicks Submit button for you. A dream for all serious compers!

You can purchase a 1 year package for only £7.95 here RoboForm License

Watch out for the tick boxes as some ask you to opt in to newsletters and contact whilst others are asking you to opt it

Always check the terms and conditions 

You don't want to win a prize only to find you've not met the requirements. Here are some tips about those dreaded T&C 
  • Competitions may not be valid to UK residents so check for Countries eligible
  • How many times can you enter?? This is normally limited to 1 entry per person but can also be 1 entry per household or IP address so check carefully or you may be disqualified!!
  • Prize details need a once over as some state collection only and you may find it's 200 miles away. If it's a holiday are flights and insurance included?
  • Always check the closing date. Whilst most competitions state this and close entry other don't so you may enter not realizing the date has passed and your entry won't be counted.
  • Prize dates are especially important for holidays, trips and theatre breaks etc. The T&C will state the dates these are valid for so check you are available to travel.
  • Is the prize transferable?? Read the rules to check if you can sell the prize or pass on to a family member.
  • How am I notified of a win? Again the T&C should state this and let you know how long you have to claim. All name of winners MUST be made available on all prize promotions. Be careful though as they don't have publish them but they are available through contact with promoter.

Whatever site you decide to use and no matter how much time you invest, a win will come eventually. 

Good Luck!

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