Friday, 12 September 2014

History of Home Competition

I am sharing this post with you all as part of British Gas Bloggers Competition. They wanted us to share a picture of our favourite Nostalgic or Retro item from our home.

My absolute favourite item is my Grandparents Retro Lighter. I was lucky enough to inherit it when they passed and as a child I had always admired it. It is a beautiful piece and although I have never refilled it I'm sure it would be in working order.

The lighter is a musical piece and features all the signs of the Zodiac and has some beautiful jewels on the top with a moon. 

As you can see it looks great from all angles and I truly love it!

Monday, 8 September 2014

September Update and Free Book

Hi Folks,

September had been a slow start and I was seriously doubting that I'd win anything this month. I wasn't even having any luck on the dailys, but today I finally got not one win but 2 amazing wins.

First off I won a Anna Sui Perfume and Make-Up set worth £95. It's a 60ml perfume in a lovely rose and butterfly bottle and a Eye and Lip Colour Palette.

I was happy enough with that but I started reading through my notifications and found that A.O (Appliances Online) had mentioned me in a comment. I forgot completely that last month I entered a competition to win a Wine Cooler. You had to upload a video of your bottle of wine and submit it to their Facebook page. I had a message saying to pm (private message) them with my details. I've really over the moon with this prize. I will post some pictures when it arrives :)

I also had a few more wins in July like post it notes, hair dye, £50 voucher for vintage stuff, shampoo's, Chanel No5 and Ridleys Magic Set. My radiator cover arrived from Zespoke which looks fab! And I spent my Halfords vouchers on a bike each for myself and my boyfriend...Happy days!!

FREE BOOK - A Toadstool Tale

As you probably all know my Father is a Children's Book Author and has just had a book published in a Crimson Cloak Publication "Glodwyn's Treasure Chest"

His book entitled "A Toadstool Tale" Is about a wizard who casts a spell over a lazy mouse to help a friend in need. The wizard can also be found, doing a marvellous job, in "The Evergreen Wolf" where all the pixies had been told that wolves would eat them in a snap-bite second if it wasn't for the protective spell that had been cast over the wood.

I have a page dedicated to all his books at the top of my blog page, so all those interested can take a look and find links to his website.

Crimson Cloak Publishing's Anthology V1 is FREE to download at most places, but those that won't let us make it free, the proceeds are going to the World Literacy Foundation" Click here to get it for FREE.

Also available at Smashwords, Amazon Uk and