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Timothy Other: The Boy who climbed Marizpan Mountain

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Amazon review: “This is a story chucked full of fantasy, not the magic throwing/dragon flying type, but honest to goodness magic of the lovely child type sort. There are fantastical creatures, but the characters, mystery, friendships and delightful life messages thrown in make this so much more. I was captured up into the book from the very first pages by the fantastic narration and writing. It's humorous and pulls right in with just the perfect twist on names, actions and details, reminding a bit of Dahl or Snicket.”

12:07 The Sleeping


For some life is unfair and secrets can become deadly! James Walker was an unwanted child passed around until a kindly nun took great care in placing him with a loving family.  Lance suffered from nightmares since the age of five.  Katherine, Lance’s wife, suffers in near silence over her fear of his cheating and the loss of their first child who was stillborn.  Mr. Green longs for release and return of his soul.  Their lives are intertwined in deadly and secretive ways leaving everyone’s soul in jeopardy because The Sleeping wants souls, pain and suffering.

James suffers from sleep paralysis in which he is unable to move upon waking from a deep sleep.  He knows The Sleeping are coming for him, he feels them crawling up his body as he lays there helpless.

He tried hard to turn and face his intruder.  Sweat began to cover his body, as the corner of the bed sank when something sat down.  He wished and wished for his limbs to move, but they didn’t.  It was in those moments that all became still.  Nothing could be heard apart from his own rapid breathing, which was loud enough to wake the dead.  …and whatever moved was now rested on top of him, lifelessly heavy.”

Lance only suffered from nightmares until … “There were others too; all lost in the darkness, crying, screaming and shouting. The writhing sound was held together by nightmare memories … something was now towering over him.  The assailing figure lowered itself on top of him; he felt he was being submerged into death.”

The connections of these people must bring about a catalytic event to bring an end to everyone’s suffering to an end thus a ritual must take place with The Unwanted; The Protector; The Custodian, The Messenger/The Key and two Pretty Things.   Faith and Trust is what everyone must have, but will it be enough to free everyone from the growing darkness and evilness of The Sleeping?

L. Sydney Abel has taken something that is already frightening – sleep paralysis and turns it into something darker and more frightening! A syndrome that a good deal of the earth’s population suffers from usually briefly but can be brushed away once the paralysis is gone. Abel plants seeds and encourages their growth until closing one’s eyes for sleep can be terrifying as the fear continues to nurture within.

Abel uses vivid imagery to describe The Sleeping:  “There were about him like a thick fog – they were the walls, the ceiling, and the floor.”   His use of imagery projects how terrifying and immobilizing this condition can be when described in this manner.

Abel connects all the dots of a well-planned story line leaving readers gasping at some twists and turns.  His characters are well-developed and strategic as is the dialog.

At the end of a book, one must decide whether or not the book met its potential – depending on the genre – was it romantic enough or funny enough or in this case scary enough.  Abel successfully took an occurrence that anyone can experience and turned it into a horrifying blood draining terror!

Was 12:07 The Sleeping scary? OMG YES!

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a book that is terrifying well past the end of the book.

WordsAPlenty gives this book a well-deserved 5 star rating.

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