Tuesday, 3 June 2014

How to find a win and June update.

Hi Folks, this will be my last post before my holiday as I'm jetting off on Saturday!

I was amazed to have found out that I won a iPad Mini from a FB competition last week and it turned up this weekend. I was ultra lucky because I didn't actual know I had won as the company didn't send me a DM (direct message). They did tag me in the post but it didn't show up in my notifications, but luckily a fellow comping friend had seen it and messaged me.

It seems there is no fast and easy way to check if you have won a competition and I've been asking questions among our comping groups to see what others are doing. Here is a list of what you can do.

  • Request to join a FB Chat Group where fellow Compers can tag you if they see you have won a prize.
  • Use Google Social Search to find a win. This can be sorted by relevance or date. Try things like "Leanne Abel! Winner or "Leanne Abel" Congratulations etc. This can be used for Google, FB and Twitter searchers as well as others. Don't forget to try unusual things too like " please get it touch" "send us a DM"
  • Set up a new folder to add competitions as you enter them with the closing date so you can go back and check who won and delete them as you find a winner has been announced. (please tag winners if you can)
  • Check your Junk Mail - Lots of winners find messages in here so don't delete until you've checked!

Changing the subject, my first June win was....wait for it.....A Encore Multi-Pack of Cat Food!  
I don't actually have a cat but my parents have 3, and I love them dearly. Unfortunately I am allergic and have to take anti-histamines before I go anywhere near them. We have a stray down our street that I call "Little Jimmy" who comes to visit every now and then, so I thought I would enter to give him something to eat as he's so small and scrawny! 


I am currently trying my best to win a voting competition that I found but I'm struggling with votes. If you could all spare a second to vote for me I'd appreciate it and if you need a vote back then let me know and I'll always help :)  Please click this link.

Anyways I have to start packing for my holiday so I'll send you all fairy dust and lots of luck!

Leanne x