Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Blippar Comps and Comping Help

Hi Folks,

I've just returned from 10 sunny days in Lanzarote and I'm ready and raring to get back into Comping. Whilst I was away I saw some news feeds about instant wins using an App called Blippar. Basically you use the app to take a picture (Blip) a product and then it gives you access to a whole host of information, games and competitions. You can download the app to your mobile or Ipad etc. There are a few competitions around at the minute.

Budweiser, Magners and Orange Juice Burst. Below are some images you can use to Blip

Budwieser  -

Magners  -

Orange Juice Burst -

Clean up your inbox

I'm sure your all fed up with all the competitions where you had to subscribe to their newsletter only to find that after a few months..or years, your email is full of useless subscriptions that you don't want. I've just recently come across a fantastic site that will clear all your subscriptions fast. It's called and once you've signed up with your email details you can quickly go through all your subscriptions and unsubscribe in an instant.

Please Vote

I'm having another go at a voting competition and would really appreciate it if you could all spare a second to vote for my picture. Click here. I'm the pirate - Ahoy there matey :)

More News

I have managed a few wins so far this month. A T-shirt from Wychwood Instants, Boost Drinks (FB Instant), A lovely Strawberries & Cream Mug and Jug, A Juicy Couture Perfume Gift set worth £130 from Instagram competition and a Bedding Set from (FB)

In the next few weeks I will try to put together a new page listing all Instant and Daily Competitions for you all!


Leyan x