Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Manage My Twitter

Hi everyone, I'm finally back after a long break.

I see so many questions floating around the comping forums about how to quickly unfollow Twitter pages. I myself have frequently hit my 2000 limit and needed to clear my list quickly in order to enter more competitions.

The fastest and easiest I've found to date is a neat little site called "ManageFlitter" It will allow you to unfollow 100 pages per day for FREE! Simply click on the free button and let it connect to your Twitter account and that's it. You can sort by most recently followed, talkative/quiet/ people who have not followed you back and more.

It's probably best to go through your list first and add the pages you don't want to delete to the Never Unfollow list. This will make it easier in the long run and you won't delete your friends and family accidentally.

Next I usually sort by Follow Order. By doing this you can delete pages you added a long time ago and not risk deleting pages of competitions you've recently followed and RT'd.

Hope this helps you all out and gets you more prizes! x