Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Get ready for the Xmas Advents

Christmas is almost upon us and they will be many a FB Advent competition to enter. Below are some tips on how to enter as many as possible.

  • Start searching these out as soon as you can and save them to your desktop or set up a folder where you access them easily. There are so many you are bound to forget some of them so this does help. 

  • Enter as many as you can, as regularly as you can.If you miss a day you can't go back to enter.

  • Some sites have a Pass the Parcel like M&S and Sanctuary Spa. Send as many invites as you can to your friends and hopefully they will gift you back. Some FB groups have been added to help with this so have a word with your comping friends to get added :)

  • Many of these are instant prizes, don't be dissappointed if you open a door to find nothing, there's always tomorrow :)

I will be listing any Advents I find nearer the time on my new blog so please check this out.

As always good luck and don't forget to share what you've won on here x